Recommendations just got Personal
The first Hyper-Personalized Recommender-As-a-Service for mobile apps.
Provide 2x more relevant suggestions to your mobile users, compared to your recommender system
Get ahead of your competition with on-device AI
Easy integration
Rapid API integration & light-weight mobile SDK: <0.5MB size, <1% battery/CPU utilization
User-context aware
Personalize your offer based on the user's context at any moment
Out-of-the-box integration of Federated Learning, Differential Privacy & SMPC
For e-commerce apps
+5% higher total revenue per visit
For entertainment apps
+90% higher click-through rate
The simplest way to start
Connect with Lerna server
Just a quick setup
Choose your outcomes
Model parameters for all business outcomes
Connect the Lerna SDK
And let personalization AI do the rest
Hyper-Personalization that optimizes the time & content for each user's behavior at any moment
Users see any given offer at the optimal time
AI identifies the right time based on the users' dynamic context
Offers conversion
Increase the chances of your users taking up the offer
Users see content most relevant to them
AI selects the right content based on user preferences, history and real-time context
Content & alerts conversion
Boost your user engagement
Want to improve your mobile conversions?
Try true hyper-personalization!
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Georgios Depastas, MEng
Georgios Kellaris, PhD
Who we are
Expertise in AI products and Private Data Mining
Miltos Poulizos, MSc
Founding Engineer
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